Logistic Software for Transport Companies since 2005

BNG Infotech Private Limited has been offering the most powerful business automation ERP solution to logistics industry. With a single transport booking module in 2005 to a bunch of modules with latest technologies are part of ERP solutions.

  • 2005

    Released first innovated non GUI based single transport module with booking, lorry hire, payments, billing and accounting options, which was mainly focused on full truck load type transport business.

    15 years out… having made improvements by receiving feedbacks from our customers.

    At the same time we started innovating GUI based logistics cloud software version logic, which module was capable of handling transport businesses of full truck as well as retail load.

  • 2008

    Released LOZICS pro desktop GUI version, which was capable synchronizing data between source station to destination and final data consolidation in central server. Using this unique feature, transport companies were able to track and trace their movement of goods.

    Still our technical and domain expert team was doing research on some thing more customer oriented solution..

    The R&D. had already started on developing a web based fully online software system along with making the software system a complete enterprise solution.>

  • 2011

    Released LOZICS ERP desktop version, a fully enterprise software system with integrated business processes and better user experience.

    Looking for fully online enterprise solution, the team was busy in research.

    Providing satisfactory service being moto and receiving feedback from users was on top priority. User feedback helped in improving performance of transport management software.

  • 2014

    Launched LOZICS web version for transport management, the web based software is not dependent on machine and operating system. It runs on browser and supports all major browsers available at that time.

    R&D started on developing a device independent software.

    Technical experts started working on developing a single logistics software, which could run on desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

  • 2017

    Launched LOZICS Nxt version, which is capable of running on any display resolution and any device. It supports all browsers and has all modules that may require to any transport company or big logistics service providers.

    “Team started possibilities of integrating third party applications in LOZICS.

    The LOZICS nxt version is fully GST compliant and gives all information need to be fully GST compliance.

  • 2020

    Today LOZICS is integrated with all major third party devices and applications used in logistics sectors, be it GPS-vehicle tracking, FASTag, payment cards, GSTN, eWay bills or petro card.

    Our researcher as still working on how give our customers and users better working experience.

    The logistics cloud software system has gives SMS and mail notification to customers and top management system, as per predefined logic.

Our Vision

To develop and provide affordable and value-for-money technological ERP software solutions for logistics, fleet and transport management.

Our Mission

Bring technological updates in system to boost changing market demand and driver business growth of company and customers.