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Fleet management is a Transport and Fleet Management ERP Software that enables fleet companies to monitor all aspects relating to a fleet of vehicles operated by a company to achieve cost control, timely delivery, zero breakdown time and increase revenue income.

Fuel & Trip Management

LOZICS® cloud fleet software enables you to monitor your entire fleet operations, control your operating cost and drive business growth.

Trip and fuel are such expenses which incur on daily basis, huge cash pay-out is made from company’s profit earning. Our highly performed fuel and trip management application software has made is possible to monitor and control over such expenses.

Trip expense are predefined for a specific route and truck model, and their values are compared while closing the trip. Similarly, fuel consumptions are stored in master based on route and truck load, only this allowed standard fuel quantity is booked as expense and any excess consumption is recovered from driver.

LOZICS® fleet workshop maintenance application software enables you to perform preventive maintenance on your trucks before they are due and don’t let your vehicle breakdown happen.

Maintaining fleet in good condition provides them healthy and long life. Your assets healthy and long life means huge profits for you from fleet operations.

Our workshop maintenance system helps fleet owners in implementing timely availability of spare parts, preventive maintenance due notifications, job management process; be it in house or out sourced. Complete visibility of operations are available in a single application.

Cloud Fleet Maintenance Software

Tyre Management

Tyres monitoring for cost control made easy in LOZICS® fleet software

Tyre is one of costliest component of truck, which is recurring in nature. If not monitored and track properly anyone may replace you brand new tyre with used one or a branded tyre with local made one. Overall if it is happens; it’s a huge loss of earned profit. Our tyre management in fleet software lets you to control each tyre with unique serial number.

Process flow is designed in sequence of purchase order, tyre inward, issue for truck, fitment, removal, issue for retreat and receipt from retreat. All these process are integrated with transport accounting system and inventory management. Monitor the existence and maintainability of tyre by inspection after very trip is completed and measurement of NSD.

Fleet system components - for total monitoring

Vehicle Management

Strong vehicle master with almost all the details must be captured in it before starting fleet management operations. Truck models, number of wheels, manufacturing detail, data linking for integration with GPS-vehicle tracking, FASTag, petrol and payment cards needed to be present in master data.

Driver Management

Capabilities of any fleet management system depends on how informative are masters data maintained in the system. Driver management in fleet software system capable of capturing driver’s personal details, training needs, driver transfer from one branch to another etc.

Document Renewal management

Maintain renewal detail of vehicle permits, insurance, pollution etc. and get the notification in advance before due date. Non-renewal of such documents may leads to heavy penalty and loss of claims in event of accidents and breakdown.

Trip Advances & Fuel

Use fleet management’s digital capabilities while paying to driver at the beginning of each trip, apart from cash mode, payment by expenses cards, FASTag for toll payment and petrol cards fuel filling are provided in trip software system.

Trip Closure & Accounting

Trip completion process is simple and created by selecting trip start number from list of pending trips for closure, the system automatically captures advances, fuel, digital payment methods etc. and adjust them in the trip. Transactions and balances are automatically fetched from respected payment methods’ portal using integrated feature of fleet system

Vehicle Tracking

Use integrated feature of GPS vehicle tracking system in your ERP, track real time vehicle movement from fleet business application software itself.

Trip component digitization

LOZICS fleet ERP software system is integrated with all major GPS vehicle tracking system, which gives real time and docket based tracking experience. Apart from this ERP system is integrated with happay payment cards, FASTag and petro cards.

Preventive Maintenance

Define your own preventive maintenance parameters, these parameters depends on vehicle model and can be in terms of period and distance covered. System provides on dashboard notifications and email alerts when any one of maintenance is due.

Spare Parts inventory management

Complete spare parts inventory management functions from ordering to receipt and issue are available in workshop maintenance software to ensure availability of required parts during repaid and maintenance process.

Vehicle Servicing

Strong and effective maintenance servicing module covers each and every aspect of serving requirement from truck inspection, job card and completion of work. Maintenance fleet ERP system has also option of in-house and outside servicing.

Tyre fitment & removal

Being tyre management is an important component of transportation business, it’s must have process for fleet owners. Tyre fitment process keeps track of odometer reading at which it is fitted on vehicle, while removal process gives distance covered and cost per kilometre.

Tyre inspection and repairs

Our fleet system provides facility check health of tyres after every trip completion, during the inspection process tyre serial number as per record is verified from physical tyre fitted on vehicle. NSD is also recorded under tyre inspection process in tyre management software.

Fuel Management

Fuel management in fleet software allows number of processes to control fuel expenses and monitor fuel consumption. You can define fuel consumption for a route with respect to vehicle model, fuel issue, fuel bill passing are important processes in the system.

Driver's Salary Management

Now mark attendance of driver on daily or monthly basis, define salary fo each driver and generate salary. Salary is generated after considering attendance, salary per month and deduction if any in the fleet system.

Delivering Results

Fleet management software delivers checks, validation and set of reports by which transport company can achieve desired results.

Right fleet management system can control expenses.
Fleet system is improving your processes.
Increase revenue and boost business growth.
Cloud vehicle management system provides sets of reports in printable formats or you can view them on your personal computer or mobile device. These reports has helped hundreds of transport companies in achieving goals for their transport businesses.
  • Permits, insurance etc. renewals
  • Tyre fitment detail
  • GPS, FASTag linking with truck
  • Driver license renewal
  • Driver training and transfer
  • Performance monitoring
  • Trip costs and profits
  • Vehicle Costing and profits
  • Maintenance history
  • Trip expenses comparison
  • Tyre history and costing per km
  • Fuel consumption