Cargo Management Software for all Logistics Industry Verticals.

Our freight forwarder and freight management software is capable of processing data and providing desired results in any type of logistics business segments. Unique features of some of such segments are described below:

ERP for Full Truck Load

ERP for Full Truck Load
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  • 01Capture additional information in Consignment.
  • 02Auto freight rate applicability on consignment generation.
  • 03No need to generate manifest
  • 04Load multiple consignment in single truck using connect option.
  • 05Unloading & POD in a single process
  • 06Customer Wise Billing Formats
  • 07Auto mailing of reports to customer as per requirement.
  • 08Generate consignment at loading site by mobile app.
  • 09Upload POD instantly using Mobile App.
  • 10Improve process time using process cycle analytics.
200+ Clients

Our over 200 customers, who are in exclusive Full Truck Load [FTL] business are using LOZICS ERP

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What's unique for retail or parchoon freight forwarding business?

Managing large volume of transactions with low value isn’t really that difficult. Special features in parchoon or retail cargo software makes it easy and most cost effective.

  • 01Compact consignment entry process to reduce processing time.
  • 02Auto rate applicability without user intervention.
  • 03Improved accuracy by keying GSTIN of consignor and consignee.
  • 04Reduce data entry cost by auto populating information from eWay Bill portal.
  • 05Quick generate Manifest by selecting multiple consignment.
  • 06Parameter select on multiple consignment selection in manifest.
  • 07Marking short & excess in unloading process.
  • 08Various delivery option like from MRGP, separate godown delivery option.
  • 09Complete door delivery sub module for managing door deliveries.
  • 10GST invoice generation from MRGP.
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200+ Clients

Our over 200 customers, who are in exclusive Full Truck Load [FTL] business are using LOZICS ERP

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parchoon freight forwarding
Fleet Owners Processes
Fleet Owners Processes

Fleet owners take load from their own booking as well from forwarding the truck to other transporters. Apart from truck management features, revenue accounting is well managed in logistics management system:

  • 01 Connect own generated consignment in trip process.
  • 02 Generate truck forwarding note for taking load on third party consignment.
  • 03 Connect truck forwarding note in trip begin.
  • 04 Income accounting from truck forwarding note.
  • 05 Billing and GST accounting for truck forwarding note
  • 06 GPS-Vehicle Tracking integrated in consignment tracking.
  • 07 Reduce data processing cost by integrating FASTag, petrol and payment cards.
  • 08 Know your trip, truck and tyre costing instantly.
Operations made easy for Automobile Carriers
Operations made easy for Automobile Carriers

LOZICS Logistics Management System gives car or automobile carriers unique functionality to manage transport operations, fleet operations and accounting in a single software solution. This process is implemented in several ways. Here are a few examples:

  • 01 Capture industry specific information in consignment like engine number.
  • 02 Use customer generated consignment number as it is.
  • 03 Import consignment from spread sheet.
  • 04 Use transshipment functionality without generating manifest.
  • 05 Customer wise billing formats.
  • 06 Generate bulk bills by importing data from spreadsheet .
  • 07 Provide movement information to customer by auto mailing.
  • 08 User defined reports formats for submitting to customers.