Modules in Logitics ERP Software

Cloud logistics erp software has all the business processes available in it, these processes have been put in smaller baskets, called modules. It gives our logistics company customers choice of selection to meet their business requirement.



Module selection is enabling enterprises to make our logistics management system their first choice.

Transport Management

Transport Management

Managing everything that is required by a modern transport company is available in our one of the best online transport management system.

GST Compliant Transport Accounting Software

Transport Accounting

Be it receivables, payables, expenditure, revenue, recurring payments, statutory compliances, reconciliations or complex accounting, our integrated accounting solution is best in the transport industry.

Trip Management

Trip Management

System has provided focused approach, reliable platform and modern digitization techeniques to logistics companies to manage their trips and fuel accounting in our best fleet management software.

Transport Management Made Easy

Cloud logistics management software allows you to work from any where any time, you just need a computing device and internet connection. This digitization effect on logistics industry.

Workshop & Maintenance

Workshop & Maintenance

When to perform preventive maintenance? What is my maintenance cost? All these answers are available in maintenance module of fleet solution.

Tyres Accounting

Tyres Accounting

Tyre accounting module in one of the best fleet management solution covers tyre purchasing, inventory, running cost calculation and even gives you it's scrap sale value when it's sold out.


Payroll Management

Why do we need a payroll software, when we can manage it well in spreadsheet? After using logistics ERP, their reply was, we certainly need payroll module, as it provides historical data.

Compliances Ready

Transport ERP system fulfils all compliances required by government authorities. You take GST, TDS, PF, ESI and eWay bill, everything is included in the software system.

Approval and Authorization

Approval & Authorization

Give key of your cash drawer to only someone to rely or always keep it with you. The approval and authorizations are like your cash drawer keys, approve valuable transactions before paying or crediting.



Third party logistics (3PL) with warehousing business needs a strong warehouse management system with integrated accounting system to provide real time inventory information to your valuable clients. Our 3PL WMS is here to help you and your clients.

CRM Marketing & Customer Service

Marketing & CRM

As we called approval system your key to cash drawer, the key is valuable instrument only when there is a cash in our drawer. The marketing module is you key to generate cash for cash drawer. So, start use our markting and CRM module and get key to generate cash.

World Class Technology

The transport ERP system is build on latest tools and technologies, that's why it's capable of running on any device, operating system or browser.

Mobile App

Mobile Application

Although mobile applications are need of today, but use of these apps also makes reputation among your customers, vendors and business partners. These are part of TMS.

Dashboard and MIS

Dashboard & MIS

Gives you complete visibility of you business and assits you in better and timely busines decisson making processes based on reliable information system available in your logistics ERP.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The era of personal meetings, phone call is going away slowly, as this is digitization age, cloud computing era. Give access to you customer relation business aspects to them.

Best Support & Services

No ERP system can run without regular support from software service provider. The solution is backed by BNG Infotech, whose USP is support first, at any cost and any time.