Logistic Transport Management System (TMS)

Transport Management System (TMS)

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One web based TMS solution for all transport verticals

LOZICS® complete online transportation management system is build for those transport companies who wants to streamline business processes, control pilferages through checks and balances, improve business capabilities, and maximize their profits.

This is digital era, every business or individual is shifting from old legacy system to digitization. Why not, it has proved that the digitization is safe, secure, time saving and more informative approach to keep records and communicate with business partners and individuals. Digitization in transport and logistics industry is growing rapidly by the use of right transport and logistics software system or TMS.

The web based TMS software is a web based logistics software that facilitates flow of information from goods booking to delivery, order to cash, lorry hiring to pay-outs at a click of mouse or finger. Which is further helping transport industry to move from unorganized to organized sector.

Complete web based Transport Management System process flow - excellent performance

Contract Management

Strong freight rate contracts for customers with rates for other charges. Detention, shortages/claims and demurrages are automatically calculated in billing, MRGP and lorry hire balance payment in transport contract management system.

Stationery Control

Maintain stock of stationery used for pre-printed documents, issue the same to your branches and field staff and get control over misuse of documents. Unused numbered stationery documents laying with branches and staff with missing list is always available in your TMS.

Order Management

Now maintain your customers orders, pass them to your branches for processing in your transport order management system software and track status of order. You may also provide order status tracking features to your valuable customers by providing them customer portal.

Lorry Placement

Don’t leave a truck hiring in the hands of dispatch staff, now you can negotiate rates with truck supplier and fix payment terms from lorry placement module in TMS software. Dispatching branch will only be able to create lorry hire as per terms and conditions laid down in placement document.

Pickup/Local Collection

Our transport solution provides facility of pickup or collection to collect material from your customer’s warehouse to your dispatch centre. This TMS system process is integrated with costing and finance module to gives business visibility.


A Consignment note can be created directly by feeding manual entries or data can be populated from order. The process available in transport booking management application automatically takes cares of order status change, book stock availability and accounting entries.

Manifest/Way Bill

Full truck load or FTL operators don’t need to create this document as it is automatically created for them from consignment note. For other operators, this document can be created by fetching bulk data from booking stock in transport and logistics software for booking management.

Lorry Hire

Lorry hire or also called freight memo is an important document for transport companies as it the main expense they incur as operating expenses, hence, our transport management system has provided all necessary checks and balances in this process.

Lorry Arrival/POD

Lorry arrival process document provides information about truck’s arrival time, transit time, detention if any, short and excess receiving, and damages if any. Delivery or trans-shipment stock entries are generated as per business logic in transport ERP software.


Crossing process provides features of stock out for delivery with linking option with third party consignment number. The transport crossing management feature computes the total amount receivable or payable to crossing agent, after taking crossing charges into account.


Generate gate pass for delivery and receive money from your customer without spending time in punching lots of information, you just need to punch in docket number. Accounting and GST invoices is generated from statement, which is created at the end of the day in the transport delivery management software.


Generate bills by manual punching of consignment number, select from bulk list based on criteria or import data from spreadsheet. Get benefit of automatic calculations, checks and balances from powerful transport billing management software.

Bill Submission

Transport software for billing management provides covering letter for bills you are submitting to your customers. Please note, bills are treated for due date from date of submission not from date of bill.

Other small but important processes

Other processes in TMS solution includes stock transfer from one warehouse to another within branch and it’s acknowledgement, goods out against gate pass from warehouse in delivery process, consignment copy receiving, consignment seized, released, bond and remarks.

Delivering Results

Web based transport and logistics software delivers results by way of informative reports and, checks and balances.

Chances of growing your business with right ERP
TMS is adding extra value for your business
Award-winning process control to boost business growth.
The TMS app delivers reports based on data entered in process to the management of transport companies, which gives them quick and strong decision making power to grow their transport business..
  • Cost & Profit
  • Average Transportation Cost
  • Under weight loading
  • comparison of historical data
  • Track Consignment
  • Live truck location of Consignment
  • Booking, In-Transit & Delivery Stock
  • Pending POD
  • Pending Billing & Submission
  • Process cycle time
  • Total movement of goods
  • Other business analytics