Features & Advantages

Logistics Software is features

Mobility Features

Mobile applications in ERP logistics software are build to prove digital experience to logistics companies and their customers. As per logistics companies users's experience, these apps are backbone of transport companies in today's digital era.

GST Compliant Fulfilment

LOZICS® ERP system is fully integrated with GSTN and eWay bill portals using API method, which gives real time access to these portals from our solution itself. It has helped in maintaining the accuracy level, while reducing cost to company.

User definable GST rates & SAC

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Accuracy in master using Accuracy by GSTIN validation

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Automatic GST as per business rule

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Search & select consignee by GSTIN

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Auto capture data in consignment by eWay Bill portal

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Input Tax Credit [ITC]

ERP system allows accounting of ITC from various vouchers related to expenses and assets purchases, the GST levied on registered suppliers invoice is booked for ITC as per GST rules for availing tax credit.

Monthly Return with GSTR-1/annexure 1, GSTR-3B

LOZICS transport accounting system is now fully capable of filing GSTR returns, it is integrated with GSTN portal using API and has made life of transport companies easier.

GSTR-2A reconciliation form GSTN portal

Manual reconciling of ITC data as per GSTR-2A portal is time and cost consuming, but now you need not to spend time and incur cost on this, as your own logistics management software provide you reconciliation by uploading JSON files downloaded from GSTN portal.

Now generate eWay bill from Manifest

Generating eway bill was never so easy, now forget eway bill generation from eway bill portal. Now you can directly generate eway bill part B & consolidated bill from your logistics software itself and maintain accuracy in compliances and reduce operating cost.

File GST return from LOZICS ERP

Monthly GST return filing is a headache for may transport companies, these companies have separate software for GST returns, where they have to work separately. By uses LOZICS logistics management system, you can file monthly returns just at a click of mouse from your ERP itself.

Accuracy & Cost Saving

Bunch of features provided in LOZICS enterprise solution has helped logistics companies to maintain high level of accuracy while doing business transaction, remove redundancy and save cost in data processing.

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How to achieve business success in logistics industry? The success is achieved by putting together bunch of parameters like business model, efforts, market area, pricing, costing, man force, decision making etc. all these parameters or factors are directly or indirectly comes from technology driven business model. Having a robust and powerful logistics management system is need of today's businesses.

  • Accuracy by validating GSTIN from GSTN portal while creating party master
  • Operator performance by auto populating party name, address and state information from GSTN
  • Accuracy by validating eWay bill no. from portal eliminate chances of errors.
  • reputation among your customers by sending them system generated notifications
  • business processes by adopting standard business processes Available in our ERP
  • Process cycle by monitoring time taken in process completion.
  • Integrity among your customers and business partners by providing them accurate and timely information.
  • Staff efficiency by using integrated features like GSTN, eWay Bill, GPS, FASTag etc.

How features assist your business

How is your first impression among customers?

Providing a hand written or spreadsheet typed process document era no more exits, it's digital era, make reputation among your customers by providing documents generated from your transport erp system.

Do you get timely information for prompt decision making?

Yes, by using Perfect logistics management system, it's possible to get any historical data from system, within very short span of time to improve your decision making capabilities.

Are you intimating your customers about status of parcel?

No, use capabilities of LOZICS e-tracking mobile app, SMS and email notification services to intimate your customers about movement status of goods you are carrying.

Does your staff able to use your ERP with ease?

LOZICS Transport ERP software is easy to use and no or very less training is required to operate, any new operator is able to use the system within an hour of training.

Do you know your cost?

Costing module in TMS software even provides you cost of small docket movement, at the same time fleet management system provides the cost of a trip, route or truck.

Are your using multiple independent apps?

Using different apps, which don't talk to each other at real time, makes business monitoring system complex, non-informative and cost increasing. Using integrated Lozics transport software suite is right solution.

Do you have separate software for your PC, tablet and mobile?

No need to buy separate software for each device, LOZICS ERP logistics software is device compatible and allows you to use in on your PC, tablet or mobile.

Do you use progressive and standard ERP system?

Today world is moving towards standardization and technology driven system. our logistics management system works on standardize your business process and technological updates by providing regular updates.

How much do you pay for maintaining your ERP system?

Paying more than business capacity on maintaining ERP system is not a wise decision, LOZICS provides cost effective i.e. pay as you grow model for logistics businesses.here.

What is support level of your ERP service provider?

LOZICS provides priority support to all it's users, to achieve 99.99% service level, BNG Infotech has round the clock cloud telephony system, dedicated relationship managers, group and individual support mails and support portal.